What’s With Cake Cutting Fees?

Believe it or not, there is certainly some skill involved in slicing a tiered wedding cake (or any multi-level cake) into the correct amount of slices for the guest count quickly and without making a mess of the cake.  When that cake is brought to the chef for cutting the fondant layer is carefully removed.  The plates are set up and the art of cutting begins.  I’m not going to give away all the secrets but I will tell you it involves more than just a simple slice cut.  Often times the cakes for weddings will also be plated with a fruit compote as well.  The plated cake then needs to be brought out to the guests (whether served on the buffet line or to the guest tables) in a timely manner.  An experienced staff can have a cake cut and brought out to guests in 10-15 minutes.  For those who are planning a DIY wedding, cake cutting is certainly something to consider the logistics of.  On average, a cake cutting fee is $2 per person and that service may be worth it’s weight in gold so Aunt Sue doesn’t butcher the cake you paid a few hundred dollars for (sorry Aunt Sue)!